Hiking at Rockaway River WMA in Jefferson NJ

Join me for a trek into the Rockaway River Wildlife Management Area in #JeffersonNJ

This lesser-traveled NJ parkland offers wildlife viewing opportunities, river fishing, and fairly challenging #njhikes

To learn more about Rockaway River WMA visit – https://www.nynjtc.org/park/rockaway-river-wildlife-management-area

For parking you can try this lot – https://goo.gl/maps/XeXtQt8biEcdqZWeA

American Goldfinch at Troy Meadows

American Goldfinch and Thistle, Troy Meadows, New Jersey

American Goldfinch
2009 at Troy Meadows in Parsippany NJ
Taken about 11 years ago this was an unusual photo opportunity as the finch was so preoccupied with thistle seeds I was able to walk as close as I’d like for photographs. It’s not often we can walk up to birds at point blank range to snap pictures.

Learn more about Troy Meadows – https://www.wildlifepreserves.org/preserves/troy-meadows

Green Heron Preening

Green Heron Preening

2009 at Foote’s Pond in Morristown.

Taken 11 years ago at a small but wildlife-rich pond near downtown Morristown, this was a unique opportunity to observe the behavior of one of our smaller native herons.

More info on Foote’s Pond – https://www.townofmorristown.org/?SEC=7CA9FC71-1BDD-4C29-8576-A4C5F8C6B702

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Lake Arrowhead Dock in Fog

IMG_8942 fbook.jpg

Lake Arrowhead Dock in Fog

Denville, New Jersey

By using a wide angle interchangeable lens I was able to draw in the foreground greenery to add some embellishing to this image.  A good landscape image is all about carefully and knowingly layering the components.

March 2020 at Lake Arrowhead

IMG_8343 fbook.jpg

March 2020 at Lake Arrowhead
Denville Township, New Jersey
The bleak recent weather seems to echo the uncertain times of the pandemic. Hopefully sunny days ahead for us.
Canon EOS M50 + Tamron 18-400mm

DJI_0011 fbook.jpg

Pine Trees and Parking Area at Jonathan’s Woods
Morris County New Jersey
Old Beach Glen Road in the foreground, Beaver Brook snaking through the midground, Christ Church on Green Pond Road beyond. This is our primary parking area for Jonathan’s Woods.
Learn more about Jonathan’s Woods – http://powww.org
Phantom 3 Professional Drone
FAA Part 107 Exempt Certified Unmanned Aircraft Pilot

Tripod Rock

IMG_8184 fbook.jpg
Tripod Rock
Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area, Morris County, New Jersey
Tripod Rock is the most often photographed feature of this park and a formation which I rarely photograph. It is my opinion that creating dynamic nature images of rock formations is quite challenging.
Learn more about Tripod Rock – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tripod_Rock

Social Distancing at Pyramid Mountain

Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area
Morris County, New Jersey

A nice foggy morning in the foggy, peaceful, and healing solitudes of nature.

In this video I explain my landscape photography composition for Lucy’s Overlook along the Blue Trail.

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Calling Wood Frogs at Jonathan’s Woods

Calling Wood Frogs at Jonathan’s Woods

March 2020
Morris County New Jersey

With recent temperatures peaking at 66 Fahrenheit, the Wood Frogs wasted no time in getting ready for their Spring rituals. This video was filmed in a small wetlands depression and not far from an expansive marsh.

View the behind the scenes footage – https://www.facebook.com/daveblinderphotography/videos/661437451270066/

Visit Jonathan’s Woods – https://www.powww.org/

Filming Wood Frogs at Jonathan’s Woods

Denville NJ

A warm March day in Morris County means a loud Spring chorus and a busy afternoon for the local Wood Frogs.

I am out filming with my tripod mounted Canon SL2 + Tamron SP 150-600mm G2 lens