Landscapes of New Jersey at Morris County Library

It is a genuine honor to have my exhibit in such a prestigious building so well set up for art. “Landscapes of New Jersey” on display now through the end of June.


Featured Artist for the Month of June 2017 at Morris County Library

My newest finished piece, “Day’s End at Great Bay”, has just been matted and framed to 24″x36″ and is displayed nearest the front desk.

Dave Blinder's newest fine art landscape piece

Day’s End at Great Bay Boulevard

Morris County Library
30 East Hanover Ave
Whippany, NJ
(973) 285-6930

If you’ve gotten to see my exhibit I appreciate all constructive criticism –


New Jersey Fine Art Photography

Landscapes of New Jersey photo exhibit, looking right down hallway


Dave Blinder’s artist bio on display

Dave Blinder Photography Exhibit

Landscapes of New Jersey, looking left down hallway



Intro to Landscape Photography Course- Visual Arts Center of NJ

I am very excited to be offering a 5 week course, Introduction to Landscape Photography, this fall on Thursday nights at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey in Summit, New Jersey.

We will take a look at all of the building blocks in making a successful landscape image as well as the best camera settings and accessories. Given enough time, we will also broach on classic landscape compositions and modern digital landscape photography techniques. The goal is for participants to make consistently impactful photos and of course a greater appreciation for the arts.


Landscape Photography (16F-1109)
Instructor: David Blinder
Experience Level: All Levels
Thursdays, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM
5 sessions: Oct 20, 2016 – Nov 17, 2016
Members: $ 160.00 – Non-Members: 190.00
Lab Fee: $ 35.00

Registration info in link below:

Visual Arts Center.jpg

Landscapes of New Jersey artist’s reception

Details for my artist reception this coming Sunday

Sunday, 9/25/2016, 2PM

New Jersey Audubon’s Scherman Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary
11 Hardscrabble Rd, Bernardsville, NJ 07924



“Landscapes of New Jersey” fine art photo exhibit by Dave Blinder

My “Landscapes of New Jersey” photo exhibit is being displayed in the Wayrick Gallery on the 2nd floor. Please feel welcome to drop by and also visit the terrific nature trails and bookstore. Refreshments will be served. Cost – free and open to the public.

For more visitor info on the Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary click here –



Fog on Muriel Hepner Pond.  A featured piece from my “Landscapes of New Jersey” collection.

“The Landscapes of New Jersey” at Whippanong Library

My broad photography collection of New Jersey natural landscapes is currently on display at the Whippanong Library in Hanover Township, New Jersey.  I am very proud of these pieces as I feel it is some of my strongest work yet.  “The Landscapes of New Jersey” is my interpretation of the various natural terrains and views to be found throughout the entirety of my home state.  It is my hope that all of the views are both flattering and dramatic while also remaining honest recordings of natural history.

IMG_7166 copy.jpg

I am excited to provide a walking tour of my exhibit at the Whippanong Library this Thursday, 02/25/2016, at 7PM.  I hope to discuss the ecological value and significance of the New Jersey landscapes encompassed by my exhibit.  There is a great deal of outdoor recreation to be found in this state if we seek it out.  I hope to encourage attendees to do just that.  The tour and exhibit are free and open to the public.


All framed and signed pieces are available for sale.  20% of all proceeds will go directly to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey to help safeguard our local natural resources.  Custom prints and sizes are also available.


IMG_7169 copy.jpg

Whippanong Library is located at
1000 NJ-10, Whippany, NJ 07981

Please direct all press and sales inquiries to


How to take bad photographs

How to take bad photographs:

crappy nature pic

A really #bad #nature #photograph of the poorest digital quality. I took it.

1) Use poor technique.  Why strain yourself and shoot from awkward angles when you can just get out of your car, and shoot from eye level???

2) Pay no attention to how bright the sun is… PhotoShop can fix it all!!

3) Just copy what everyone else is doing.  Since when are creative arts about being creative?

4) Buy the most expensive camera, lens, and flash.  MAKE SURE to tell everyone you are using the most expensive gear.  There’s no reason to read books or take lessons when you’ve “got the goods”.

5) Spend as much time as possible criticizing others’ photos.  Don’t worry what yours look like!

6) Make a ridiculously unprofessional “branding” for your photography, maybe try “Uncle Joe-Bob’s Mind-blowing Captures”?

7) Build a network of others who also aspire to mediocrity!

In conclusion, I hope this helps you successfully take bad photographs.  Please let me know if you find this helpful.

New Jersey Nature Photography: Hibernia Brook #2

Below is my favorite photo from yesterday.  A 10-stop neutral density filter was fitted over my lens, greatly increasing exposure time and consequently softening the appearance of the water.  I’ve been told by family members that this style of photo looks “fake”.  An interesting thought is that a camera can’t record fake images, but imaging devices have the ability to capture time in ways greatly different than the human eye.  There are theories that the human eye/brain refreshes at a rate of approximately 1/50th of a second.  A person could deduce that long and fast exposures may consequently look “fake” to humans.  Does the human perception of time dictate what’s real and what isn’t?  …deep thoughts…

NJ Nature Photo

Softly flowing water falls into shadows and intersects with dark rocks. Photo taken in #NewJersey with the #Tamron 14-150mm Di III lens and the #Olympus PEN E-PL3 m43 camera.

Exposure settings: 2s F/10 ISO 200, 150mm

Equipment used: Tamron 14-150mm Di III lens + ND filter + Olympus PEN E-PL3 camera

New Jersey Nature Photography: Currents

When outside creating photo art, it can be extremely important to previsualize individual shots as segments of a cohesive set or exhibition.  It isn’t necessary to complete a themed set in one outing, one week, one month, or even in one year.  You also do not need to be working on just one theme at a time, but it is important to stay the course so that your artwork can be perceived as a visual study with impact.  Below are some photos I took on Saturday, and while very similar at first glance there are compositional difference throughout.  I’m not sure that this set is complete, but I will use this to contact local art galleries to get feedback on my concept.

NJ Art Photos

A recent series of #nature extract photos taken in New Jersey. Taken handheld with the #Tamron 16-300mm VC All-In-One lens and the #Canon EOS 50D DSLR.

All above photos were taken handheld with the Tamron 16-300mm VC All-In-One lens and the Canon EOS 50D DSLR.

New Jersey Art Photo: Leaf and Snow #1

Below is a handheld macro art photo that I took yesterday on a short nature walk in New Jersey.  I was outside just as it had begun to snow, so I was able to photograph small crystals of snow right after they they’d landed on the surface of this serrated leaf.  Why do I like this photo?  For me, there is a really nice amount of texture within the frame.  My favorite textures are the serrated edges of the leaf and also the shapes of the snow particles.  The color scheme is primarily the complimentary colors of red and green, although the very overcast sunlight rendered them as muted.  My mind interprets the dull colors as an oil painting palette, perhaps from the Dutch Masters.

NJ art photo

A closeup view of freshly fallen snow becomes a study in repeating patterns, seemingly painted in red and green. #Art photo taken with the #Tamron SP 180mm macro lens and the Canon EOS 7D DSLR in #NewJersey

New Jersey Art Photography: Smartweed

I am probably way off on the ID of this small ground plant that I photographed today… ID corrections appreciated!

Anyways, this was the final shot I took today out of ~30 frames.  I do often find that the last frame I shot, or next to last ends up being my favorite from the day.  I guess I decide to call it a day after I think I’ve made 1 or 2 quality capures on a local day in the field.  When doing nature photography, of course, I may hope to get 8-12 distinct keepers per day.

Initially I took photos of this plant from my tripod as I often do.  At first, I experimented with slow shutter speeds to have the leaves blow through the frame.  Not being satisfied with the results, I then lowered my shutter speed from 15s to 2s and simply handheld my camera and let the small effects of “hand shake” do what they might.

NJ Art Photo

The glowing of small blacklit ground plants glow against the dark woodland floor. #Photo taken in New Jersey with the #Tamron 16-300mm VC All-In-One lens and the #Canon EOS M mirrorless camera.

New Jersey Nature Photography: Leaves over Lake

We still have some remnants of Fall foliage here in New Jersey, making for many photo opportunities.  Today I noticed some vivid yellows, with interesting shapes to the branches overlooking a scenic lake.  The moody sky and contrasty yellow leaves opened the doors to creative art photography.

New Jersey Art Photo

Golden yellow leaves unfurl against a backdrop of storm clouds threatening over a lake. Photo taken with the Tamron 16-300mm VC All-In-One lens.